The Numerical Electromagnetics code (NEC-2) is a computer code for analyzing the electromagnetic response of an arbitrary structure consisting of wires and surfaces in free space or over a ground plane. The analysis is accomplished by the numerical solution of integral equations for induced currents. The excitation may be an incident plane wave or a voltage source on a wire, while the output may include current and charge density, electric or magnetic field in the vicinity of the structure, and radiated fields. NEC-2 includes several features not contained in NEC-1, including an accurate method for modeling grounds, based on the Summerfield integrals, and an option to modify a structure without repeating the complete solution.

This manual contains instruction for use of the Code, including preparation of input data and interpretation of the output. examples are included that show typical input and output and illustrate many of the special options available in NEC-2, covering the equations and details of the coding, are referenced.