GE - End Geometry Input

Purpose:To terminate reading of geometry data cards and reset geometry data if a ground plane is used.

Field	Parameter	Last column in each field
----	----		-------------------------
GA			2
I1 	gpflag		5
blank			10
blank			20
blank			30
blank			40
blank			50
blank			60
blank			70
blank			80
gpflag - Geometry ground plain flag.
0 - no ground plane is present.
1 - Indicates a ground plane is present. Structure symmetry is modified as required, and the current expansion is modified so that the currents an segments touching the ground (x, Y plane) are interpolated to their images below the ground (charge at base is zero)
-1 - indicates a ground is present. Structure symmetry is modified as required. Current expansion, however, is not modified, Thus, currents on segments touching the ground will go to zero at the ground.
Decimal Numbers
The decimal number fields are not used.

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