Wire Specification (GW)

Wire Specification (GW)
Purpose:  To generate a string of segments to represent a straight wire.

           Cols  Parameter
           1- 2  GW
           3- 5  I1 - ITG
           6-10  I2 - NS
          11-20  F1 - XW1
          21-30  F2 - YW1
          31-40  F3 - ZW1
          41-50  F4 - XW2
          51-60  F5 - YW2
          61-70  F6 - ZW2
          71-80  F7 - RAD

          The above card defines a string of segments with radius RAD.  If
          RAD is zero or blank, a second card is read to set parameters to
          taper the segment lengths and radius from one end of the wire to
          the other.  The format for the second card (GC), which is read
          only when RAD is zero, is:

           Cols  Parameter
           1- 2  GC
           3- 5  blank
           6-10  blank
          11-20  F1 - RDEL
          21-30  F2 - RAD1
          31-40  F3 - RAD2
          41-50  blank
          51-60  blank
          61-70  blank
          71-80  blank

           ITG   (I1) - Tag number assigned to all segments of the wire.

           NS    (I2) - Number of segments into which the wire will be

        Decimal Numbers
           XW1   (F1) - X coordinate  \
           YW1   (F2) - Y coordinate    >  of wire end 1
           ZW1   (F3) - Z coordinate  /

           XW2   (F4) - X coordinate  \
           YW2   (F5) - Y coordinate    > of wire end 2
           ZW2   (F6) - Z coordinate  /

           RAD   (F7) - Wire radius, or zero for tapered segment option.

       Optional GC card parameters

           RDEL  (F1) - Ratio of the length of a segment to the length of the
                        previous segment in the string.

           RAD1  (F2) - Radius of the first segment in the string.

           RAD2  (F3) - Radius of the last segment in the string.

           The ratio of the radii of adjacent segments is

                        RRAD = (RAD2/RAD1)^(1/(NS-1))

           If the total wire length is L, the length of the first segment is

                        S1 = L(1-RDEL)/(1-RDEL^NS)


                        S1 = L/NS if RDEL=1.

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