Reflection in Coordinate Planes (GX)

Purpose: To form structures having planes of symmetry by reflecting part
         of the structure in the coordinate planes, and to set flags so that
         symmetry is utilized in the solution.


          Cols  Parameter
          1- 2        GX
          3- 5        I1
          6-10        I2
         11-80        blank

           (I1) - Tag number increment.
           (12) - This integer is divided into three independent digits, in
                  columns 8, 9, and 10 of the card, which control reflection
                  in the three orthogonal coordinate planes.  A one in column
                  8 causes reflection along the X-axis (reflection in Y, Z
                  plane); a one in column 9 causes reflection along the Y-axis;
                  and a one in column 10 causes reflection along the Z axis.
                  A zero or blank in any of these columns causes the corres-
                  ponding reflection to be skipped.

        Decimal Numbers
            The decimal number fields are not used.

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