Near Fields (NE, NH)

Purpose: To request calculation of near electric fields in the vicinity of
         the antenna (NE) and to request near magnetic fields (NH).

          Cols  Parameter
          1- 2        NE or NH
          3- 5        I1 NEAR
          6-10        I2 NRX
         11-15        I3 NRY
         16-20        I4 NRZ
         21-30        F1 XNR
         31-40        F2 YNR
         41-50        F3 ZNR
         51-60        F4 DXNR
         61-70        F5 DYNR
         71-80        F6 DZNR

      NEAR (I1) - Coordinate system type.  The options are:
                 0 - rectangular coordinates will be used.
                 1 - spherical coordinates will be used.

   Remaining Integers Depend on Coordinate Type
      a. Rectangular coordinates (NEAR = 0)
          NRX (I2) -   Number of points desired in the X, Y, and
          NRY (I3) -   Z directions respectively. X changes
          NRZ (I4) -   the most rapidly, then Y, ind then Z.
                       The value 1 is assumed for any field left blank.

      b.  Spherical coordinates (NEAR = 1)
          (I2) -  Number of points desired in the r, phi, and theta
          (I3) -  directions, respectively.  r changes the most 
          (I4) -  rapidly, then phi, and then theta. The value 1 
                  is assumed for any field left blank.

   Floating Point Fields

   Their specification depends on the coordinate system chosen.
      a.  Rectangular coordinates (NEAR = 0)
          XNR  (F1) -  The (X, Y, Z) coordinate position (F1, F2,
          YNR  (F2) -  F3) respectively, in meters of the first
          ZNR  (F3) -  field point.

          DXNR (F4) -  Coordinate stepping increment in meters for the
          DYNR (F5) -  X, Y, and Z coordinates (F4, F5, F6), respectively.
          DZNR (F6) -  In stepping, X changes most rapidly, then Y, and
                       then Z.

      b.  Spherical coordinates (NEAR = 1)
          (F1)  -    The (r, phi, theta) coordinate position (Fl, F2, F3)
          (F2)  -    respectively, of the first field point.  r is in
          (F3)  -    meters, and phi and theta are in degrees.

          (F4)  -    Coordinate stepping increments for r, phi, and theta
          (F5)  -    (F4, F5, F6), respectively. The stepping increment
          (F6)  -    for r is in meters. and for phi and theta is in 

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