1 Patch Position nd Orientation
2 Conneccion of a Wire to a Surface Patch
3 Patch Models for a Sphere
4 bistatic RCS of a Sphere with ka=5.3
5 Surface Patch Option Fig 5a, Fig 5b, Fig 5c, Fig 5d
6 Rectangular Surface Covered by Multtple Patches
7 Rhombic Antenna - No Symmetry
8 Rhombic Antenna - 2 Planes of Symmetry
9 Rhombic Antenna - 1 Plane of Symmetry
10 Coaxial Rings
11 Wire Grid Plata and Dipole
12 Development of Surface Model for Cylinder with Attached Wires
13 Segmentation of Cylinder for Wires Connected to End and Side
14 Specification of Incident Wave
15 Orientation of Current Element
16 Parameters for a Second Ground Medium
17 Segment Loaded by Means of a 2-Port Network
18 Coordinates for Radiated Field
19 Stick Model of Aircraft